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All you need to know about the NAA

The NAA-SA is registered as an NPO "Not for Profit Organisation" that brings together local and provincial associations and those independent members who do not belong to such associations; thus providing a network throughout the country. It therefore plays an important role in the accommodation industry.

All listings provided are of member establishments and, as such, you are assured that they comply with the Association's standards and requirements for membership.

Benefits of Membership

"Why join?" is probably the most important question you have to ask yourself and also the most difficult one to give a simple answer to. The most obvious benefits are those that are going to assist you financially – such as discounts. It is for the "hidden" benefits that we need your membership – the more members we have, the bigger our voice when it comes to making our opinions known. On its right hand the government wants to cut down on "red tape", but on its left hand it would like to regulate our industry in other ways - NAA-SA's voice thus needs to be heard. When joining you will receive a handbook that illustrates how NAA-SA fits in the bigger picture of tourism, outlining its role within the various tourism organisations, what it has achieved on your behalf, and hopefully where it's headed.





Marketing Assistance


Free listing on NAA website

Countrywide refferal system passing business from one province to another


Representation at Tourism Indaba, Food & Hospitality Expo (Hostex), Meetongs Africa,World Travel Market


NAA-SA and Member Marketing via Facebook


Destination/Location Marketing via twitter


Advice Assistance


HR, Labour law, Insurance and legal advice. T&C's apply


Information, support and advice for all questions


Advice and help line


List of locums on NAA-SA website


Trauma relief advice T&C apply


Wellness group for GH owners in Gauteng (other provinces to follow)


Tourism safety initiative information and reporting




15% Discount with B&B sure insurance
NAA-SA Endored supplier


National Representation


Tourism business council South Africa (TBCSA)


Representation on Cathsetta


NAtional tourism related meetings


Member Communication


Newsletter giving information, tips and legal requirements


Crime watch notices and tourism safety initiative forewarned is forearmed!


World Wide Cards


Special Rate for Credit Card Transactions with:
Diners Club - 2.75%
American Express - 3% If Nedbank customer or 3.5% a client at another bank


Guest Information


Signs for display aty a special rate


Guest comment books


Financial Benefits


Special rate for credit card transactions with:
Nedbank - 2% (Credit Cards), 1% (Debit Cards)
Absa - 2% (Credit Cards), 1% (Debit Cards)
Capitec - 2.75% (Credit Cards), 1.5% (Debit Cards)
Standard Bank - 1.95% Card Present, 2.05% Card not present Debit Cards, 0.95% Card present, 1.05% Card not present
FNB - Rates for cards present on Credit Cards 1.95% on Credit Cards and 0.95% on Debit Cards. Cards not present 2.2% on Credit Cards and 0.95% on Debit Cards
Pos Device - Please Enquire with your merchant


Special rate for credit card transactions with diners club of 2.75%


25% discount on TV licences


Teljoy offer a 5 - 15% discount on all appliances on a lees or rent to own basis


Up to 20% Discount at Hirsch's homestores


Discount with U&G Fabrics


Whitehouse linen 15% discount


DLT Media magazines (special package and discounts)


Cloud nine beds offer 40% Discount
Fit for beds offer from 20% discount (Beds & Linen)


Employee Benefits


Especially for your members of staff:
OSCA care occupational health solutions
Retirement Benefit


Why was it formed?

NAA-SA came into existence in 2000 to provide a voice for smaller accommodation establishments throughout the country.The NAA-SA belongs to SATSA, which looks after smaller establishments, as long as they are registered as companies; hence their logos on our website. It has taken some time and many meetings but NAA-SA has been recognised in government and parastatals as the one association representing the small accommodation sector.

Were you aware that the smaller accommodation industry is one of the largest employers within the sector; has more beds and employs more staff than the hotel industry; and is a meaningful contributor to the tourism industry? This has now been recognised; thus Government in 2010 identified tourism as one of the six core pillars of growth for the country as it is a labour-intensive industry with the capacity to create jobs.

What is the NAA-SA's Vision?

To be the United Voice of the smaller accommodation establishments It's Mission? To encourage and protect the interests of its member establishments And its' Objectives:

  • To communicate with government and the tourism industry at large
  • To actively get involved in matters that affect the smaller accommodation industry and communicate on such matters with the members
  • To ensure a sustained increase in membership
  • To have a strong presence in all 9 provinces
  • To develop strategies for Social Responsibility, Service Excellence, "Greening", SMME Development (skills development, entrepreneurship creation and employment opportunities)

How is the NAA structured?

Basically there are four layers commencing with the individual member, be it a B&B, a guest house in the city or out in the country, a self-catering cottage, and so on. We then encourage new members to join a local association, the second tier – there are many throughout the country some with a handful of members others with scores of members – but all with the objective of networking together. There are many "plusses" to working with your colleagues as opposed to viewing them as your competition. The next step up is provincial. At present not all provinces are represented and some there are some geographically-nominated areas that fall into this tier. Finally the Council is made up of members nominated by their respective province or geographical area. When joining, you will be notified of your closest local association or provincial councillor.

Email for price list.

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